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WSF designs, engineers, and manufactures a variety of complete autoclave systems, pressure vessels to ASME Code standards, vacuum vessels, dewaxers, impregnators, reactors, sterilizers, vulcanizers, and related material handling equipment. Follow one of our links below to your preferred autoclave application, or choose from one of our main links above. Our RAPIDOOR® link features information on our quick-actuating autoclave closures.

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VPI Tank has 10 ft inner diameter and working depth


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Leaching System

Cleaning, Leaching
High Temperature, Pressure Caustic Jet Turbine Blade cleaning, & Core Removal

Dewaxing Package

Dewaxing Systems Wax Removal & Reclaiming Systems for the Investment Casting Industry

Oven Systems

Ovens, Heating Vacuum, Pressure, Multi-Zone Heat controlled Autoclaves for Drying, Curing, Nuclear applications

Vulcanizing Systems

Vulcanizing, Rubber, Automotive, Electrical, Medical, manufacturers requiring high-capacity production Autoclaves

Horizontal Composite Bonding System

Composite Bonding Aircraft, Aerospace, Automotive, and Sporting Goods Industries

Handling System
Handling Equipment

Handling Equipment Conveyors and Material Handling Equipment fully integrated with the Autoclave Door and control system


Sterilizing, Test Labs, Autoclave Sterilizers, Rotary, Static, Pilot Testing Equipment for the Medical, Pharmaceutical, Food Industry


Containment, Storage Transportation, Storage, Removal of Hazardous Chemicals, Toxic Materials

Hydrostatic Testing

Hydrostatic Testing High Pressure Testing for Oceanographic, Aerospace, & Research Facilities

VPI Systems
VPI Systems

VPI Systems, Motor, Transformer Manufacturers, Metallurgy, Wood Treatment, Motor Repair